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A week before the Philippines was placed under quarantine lockdown, I was able to squeeze in a 2 night adventure in Zambales with Aaron Palabyab. Our goal was to photograph the nightsky, but we were also given some beautiful sunrises and sunsets as well. I've been to this area so many times already that I've lost count, but I must admit, I took some of my favorite images yet.

Mid-day scouting session, as per usual. Sunset was looking quite cloudy in Botolan according to our weather app.

I found these braided rivers by using my drone, and I was simply stunned. Although commonly seen in countries like Iceland and New Zealand where glaciers are present, this one felt very special just to see in the Philippines. Would love to be able to actually fly via helicopter or plane over this place for an even better view. I trekked through the lahar field for about half an hour until I reached the edge of the river. It was quite tiring with all the gear I was bringing with me, and the resistance of the terrain but I think it was well worth the effort.