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I've never driven alone for long periods of time, so going on a five day solo roadtrip through the steep winding mountain roads of Benguet and Ilocos Sur (primarily) seemed like a daunting task.  My goal was to find places to photograph that are off the beaten track. Using Google Maps, I plotted coordinates and hoped that some of the roads were properly accessible. 


Massive thanks to Chevrolet Philippines for lending me their Colorado High Country Storm!


Aside from driving the entire way, I was also lugging around heavy equipment, taking photographs and time-lapses, flying my drone for the first time (I literally bought one a day before the trip), and of course, filming everything. I even made my first ever vlog which you can watch here:

After an exhausting drive through the dead of the night for a total of 7 hours from Manila to Buguias with a few stopovers, I successfully caught the sunrise along these vegetable terraces I found off the side of the road.

This was also my first ever drone flight. Although I made some minor rookie mistakes (forgetting to load my micro SD card, etc), I managed to get enough shots before I depleted my 2 batteries. After wrapping up, I met a local who was selling plants in her garden (which you can order online here:, then I proceeded down to Cervantes where I planned to stay for a few days.

Gloomy sunset in Cervantes. I saw this river with a prominent mountain in the back while on my way down from Buguias. Although the terrain was pretty rough, I knew that the 4x4 pickup I was using wouldn't have any trouble with it. Often times, we don't get the conditions we want for photography, so I treated this as an ocular shoot for sunrise the next day.