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Filmmaker Aaron Palabyab and I went on an exploratory photo roadtrip along the gorgeous coastline of Aurora and Isabela. We owe it to our local friends (special shoutout to Mang Jun & Miss Angie) who we met on the trip, and welcomed us during our journey. 

Huge thanks to Chevrolet Philippines for letting us test drive their Trailblazer Z71 4x4! We wouldn't have accomplished this trip without it.

To start off our trip, we drove through the night and caught the sunrise along Ampere Beach in Dipaculao. Its unique rock formations are popular especially amongst landscape photographers. The backwash along the shore can be dangerous, but during this morning,  the waves were a bit more gentle which allowed me to get close, and capture the receding water.

From Dipaculao, we passed a few more municipalities until we reached to Dilasag (the last municipality of Aurora province). After finding a place to stay, we conducted an ocular along Parang Hills for sunrise the next day. Since the coast faces east, the morning light was our priority--photography wise.